Scholarship Programme

The Beauty Hub Academy scholarship is a programme aimed at uplifting and empowering youths who would otherwise be unable to afford a tertiary education due to their disadvantaged background.The scholarship targets individuals between the age of 18 - 35 years. The students are enrolled for a 12 month course in Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy where they receive comprehensive training in the field of their choice, giving them an invaluable skill and qualification, further equipping them to compete effectively in the job market. The Academy, with support and funding by The Department of Social Development, has run the scholarship programme successfully for numerous years and continues to exit highly qualified beneficiaries who are now more employable or even able to start their own entrepreneurial ventures that will not just enable them to support themselves financially, but their families as well.

Scholarship application criteria

• Updated CV

• Certified copies of your ID

• Certified copies of your latest results

• Child’s Birth certificate (those with children who receive a SASSA grant)

• A letter from SASSA that the child receives a grant

• If you are an orphan or only have one parent – copy of death certificate of deceased parent/s and or payslip and bank statement of remaining parent

• If legally married – payslip and 3 months bank statements of spouse.