Retirement Home Project

In general, senior citizens are often set aside and forgotten by society and our Retirement Home Project seeks to remedy this injustice. At The Beauty Hub Academy we believe in the value of the elderly, hence the establishment of a project where our Academy’s graduates are tasked with visiting retirement homes and offering pampering and grooming services to the elderly residing at these homes. So many of these senior citizens have unfortunately been neglected and even discarded by family so we are very glad to bring these services to them as we understand that many of our treatments are not just about looking good, but can be very beneficial to the overall health and general outlook on life for the elderly. This Programme has allowed us not only to provide a much needed and worthwhile service to the senior citizens in our communities, but it has also provided our graduates the opportunity to utilise and hone the skills they acquired as students of the Academy giving them much needed workplace experience thus making them more employable as they join a very competitive workforce.