Container Project

The Salon Container Project is an initiative by The Beauty Hub Academy, in partnership with The Department of Social Development, which aims to create employment for the Academy’s past graduates. The Academy not only wants to equip its students with skills in hairdressing and beauty therapy, it also seeks to create employment opportunities where these skills can be used to earn an income, slowly but surely breaking the vicious cycle that is generational poverty. The Academy has acquired modular prefabricated salons that are strategically placed in busy, foot traffic heavy areas within communities around Gauteng where the bulk of the Academy’s students reside. The mobile units, furnished and equipped to a T, will each employ six hairstylists and one nail technician effectively creating 7 new jobs per container.The Salon Container Project will not just create employment though, it will also give the students invaluable workplace experience giving them a competitive edge within the job market or better still, it will spark a dormant entrepreneurial spirit, pushing them to create their own opportunities, thereby empowering them to empower other youths within their communities and so a new cycle will begin to emerge, one of opportunity and prosperity through hard work and the building of future wealth for these heavily disadvantaged communities